Moondial - Season 1 Episode 6 Серія 6 streaming

After a brief stop at the hospital Minty finds herself back in the graveyard. She sees Tom who informs her that Dorrie is spitting blood as well. She now finds out that Tom's name is really Teddy Larkin and that Tom is just a nick name. Minty asks him to meet her at the moondial at midnight tonight. Minty hears that Ms Raven is going on a ghost hunt that very night. Minty feels that something is going to happen tonight. She looks at the church from the window and thinks that she needs a lucky charm to protect her. Suddenly she realises what charm is necessary. She goes and fetches a small hand mirror which has the mirror in the shape of a cross. At about 11:30 or so Ms Raven sets off. Minty also leaves and heads for the moondial. She meets Tom sitting on the moondial. Minty thinks she knows who the figure is on the moondial. They both stand on the dial and she says ""light and shadows in turns but always love"" The dial then spins and they both appear in a new time, it is cold November n

Moondial - Season 1 Episode 6 Серія 6 streaming VF