Moondial - Season 1 Episode 3 Серія 3 streaming

We learn that Tom's sister Dorrie (coachman gave him a message) has sent some word of where she is. Minty agrees with Tom that it would appear he has grown in stature since they last met. Tom then admits that Minty is not the only ghost he has found in the gardens, she is smaller and only seen at night. He reveals that Sarah is her name, to which Minty says that she has also seen her. Before anything else can be said, the gardener (Mags) appears and shouts at Tom . Both children run off and hide round the back of the house. On looking around the corner Minty sees a coach and family with maids and footmen in attendance. Tom is again shouted at by the footman who apparently cannot see Minty though. Tom at this point discovers that he is the only one who can see Minty and in order to prove this, takes her into the kitchen. The cook and maids look right through her and admonish Tom for standing doing nothing. The nasty cook grabs Tom and marches him down dark corridor and locks him in dark

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