Moondial - Season 1 Episode 2 Серія 2 streaming

Minty returns to the garden and walks down a long pathway set between the lawns. She seems to know that she has been here before but is unsure when. Minty then sees the Moondial (she calls it a sundial) and as in her dream the night before she touches it. Minty appears to become faint. She clasps her head in her hands as she is becoming more and more disorientated. All at once the spinning feeling reduces and Minty appears to come to herself although the surroundings appear slightly different. She sees an estate gardener in the distance disappear and then reappear before her eyes. The moondial then starts to spin very fast. Minty holds her head and keeps her eyes closed during this motion. She steps off the Moondial unsure of where she is and runs towards the house. Mr Benson asks Minty to return to the hospital as there has been no change in her mum Kate's condition. Minty then goes back into the large house and stands in the main entrance (black and white chequered floor). She then w

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