Moondial - Season 1 Episode 1 Серія 1 streaming

Moondial begins with an opening night sequence showing a girl in old fashioned nightdress running through a gateway and into a church ground, she then opens a very large gate and enters a garden garden - she reaches a large grey / white statue and clasps the moondial it supports. She then runs back towards a dark old house with a single light in the doorway. She runs along the path leading up to the light and then up some large stone steps. She peers inside and sees a small girl running towards her on the other side of the glass. Through the window a struggle between a young girl and an older person can be seen. After the death of her father Minty and her mother visit Aunt Mary (Minty's godmother). It is hoped that the break in the country will help Minty and her mother come to terms with the loss. Aunt Mary used to look after Kate when she was younger as Minty has her bedroom. Her mum shows Minty round the bedroom - full of old photos and in particular an old patchwork quilt full of A

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