Jesse - Season 2 Episode 11 Épisode 11 streaming

Diego gets passed up for a teaching position so Irma takes him to Niagara Falls to cheer him up but scares him off. She tells him she's going to change into something more comfortable but comes out in a wedding dress and proposes to him. That leads Diego to go back to Buffalo and apologize to Jesse for having proposed to her when he came back to Buffalo from California. He now knows how it feels to get asked out of the blue to marry someone. Jesse and Diego get back together but hold off on getting married. Kurt slips a disk in his spine while trying to lift a heavy box at work. At the hospital Jesse gets asked out by the attending doctor but passes on his offer when Diego shows up and wants to get back together. Dr. Danny feels uncomfortable around the attending doctor.

Jesse - Season 2 Episode 11 Épisode 11 streaming VF