Défis extrêmes : retour à l'île

Défis extrêmes : retour à l'île - Season 1 Episode 9 Bombe et Graffiti streaming

The Maggots cabin is destroyed because the teams merge. The contestants must search the kitchen for keys to the go-karts. Then they use the go-karts to go to different locations around the island and spray paint their symbol on each location. There were originally three but chef tricked the contestants into going to a fourth one which was the Chris Monument called Mount Chrismore. Zoey's was a heart, Scott's was an X, Mike's was a check, Cameron's was picture of Chris giving him the money, Jo put a circle with a line through it on top of Cameron's, then Cameron switched to the pi symbol and Lightning's was a lightning bolt. Jo and Lightning briefly get detained by Chef, with Fang ordered to guard them. Jo escapes by using Lightning as a distraction for Fang, but Lightning gets away himself by offering up Scott to Fang. Scott used Mike's MPD to his advantage, by threatening to tell Zoey about it if Mike didn't do what he said. In the end it is revealed to Zoey but not by Scott. Mike overcomes his personalities, thus curing him of his MPD and he and Zoey offically become a couple. Scott wins invincibility and got to decide who should leave. Mike gets voted off by Scott. Mike gives Zoey a pendant necklace to remember him by and they almost kiss until Mike is catapulted. Duncan, a former contestant, makes brief cameos throughout the episode. On Cartoon Network, the title of this episode was changed to "Extreme Chef Auto", presumably to avoid copyright infringement of Rockstar Games, makers of the Grand Theft Auto series of video games.

Défis extrêmes : retour à l'île - Season 1 Episode 9 Bombe et Graffiti streaming VF