Being Eve

Being Eve - Season 2 Episode 8 Épisode 8 streaming

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  • Being Eve
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Sylvie and Eve are shopping and Sylvie is helping Eve pick out clothes when Eve finds a really cute top that she really wants. Sylvie talks her out of it because it's too expensive but as soon as Eve turns around, it go on sale and Sylvie buys it without telling her. As Sylvie is walking home she nearly gets hit by an ice cream truck and decides it's a sign for her to become a better person. She confesses to Eve about the top and vows to be nicer. She takes on a job as Sam's helper to show she's changing and learns about a group for being self-less. She decides to join and Eve slowly becomes ok with it even though she thinks it's weird. But then Sylvie decides that she has to stop being friends with Eve in the process and Eve decides to take action. She shows Sylvie that the group is not for her and that the leader of the group is a fraud. She does so by pulling the guys pants down and showing he did not relieve himself of his selfish possesions because he's wearing Calvin Klein boxers

Being Eve - Season 2 Episode 8 Épisode 8 streaming VF