Being Eve

Being Eve - Season 2 Episode 1 Épisode 1 streaming

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  • Being Eve
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Eve is devastated when Adam is forced to break up with her because he has to move far away to live with his father. She takes on all these extracurricular to keep herself busy and attempts to clear her mind of Adam. Trying to balance all these things out proves to be overwhelming for Eve as her thoughts of her relationship with Adam spills into her school work and daily life. The stress results in her receiving a ""D"" on her class movie review paper of ""Gone With the Wind"" where she bad mouths the characters of the movie because of the romantic and break up parts of the story that she connects with her personal pain over her own breakup. Mr. Inglewood understands what Eve is going through and gives he another chance to revise the paper. Sylvie becomes worried about her friend and tries to help her realize that she is having a hard time dealing and is heartbroken over the breakup with Adam, but Eve does not want to believe that. So Sylvie decides to take action by swearing off hook

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