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WWE Experience - Season 2 Episode 7 Épisode 7 streaming

Part One: Highlight From Raw World Championship Tag Team Match. La Resistance Vs William Regal & Tajiri. William Regal and Tajiri become the new tag team champions when, Tajiri sprays green mist into the face of Grenier, then hit's the Kick of Death for the pinfall. Part Two:Diva's In Japan. We are shown Christy and Marina looking around Japan. Plus various fans dress up as their favourite WWE superstars. Part Three:Highlight From Smackdown! Wrestlemania 21 Qualification Match. John Cena Vs Orlando Jordan. Cena wins the match when, he hits Jordan with a hard lariat, a shoulder block, then the five knuckle shuffle. Then the F.U for the victory. Part Four:Highlight From Raw Shawn Michaels Vs Ric Flair. The Heartbreak Kid wins the match when, he connects with a Flying Elbow. Then he hits Flair, with the Sweet Chin Music for the 1-2-3. Part Five:Highlight From Raw World Heavyweight Championship Match Triple H Vs Edge. Triple H retains his title when, Edge goes for the

WWE Experience - Season 2 Episode 7 Épisode 7 streaming VF