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WWE Experience - Season 2 Episode 3 Épisode 3 streaming

Part One: Highlight From Raw Simon Dean Challenge Showing the Simon Dean Challenge, which saw kane come down to the ring. Simon completely freaked out, cowering in fear and tries to hide behind a jar of Simon system pills. It shown Kane trying one of the pills, and made a sour face. He forced Dean to try one, then knocked Dean around the ring with punches. Kane was about to go after Dean with a weightlifting belt, but Gene Snitsky, comes out and whacks Kane with a steel chair. Part Two: Chris Jericho In San Diego Showing chris Jericho filming the first video, enemy from Fozzy's new CD, all that remains. The director Paul Hough explains that the video is about-a man confined to a wheelchair goes to a high-rise building, unconfines himself from the chair, climbs all the stairs in the building, and on each floor runs into bad memories. From his past, including a witch ex- girlfriend. Chris Jericho say's he just excited to show everyone that Fozzy is a kick-ass band. Part Three:

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