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WWE Experience - Season 2 Episode 2 Épisode 2 streaming

Part One: Highlight From Raw Trish Stratus Vs Victoria Trish picks up the victory when, Trish hits Victoria, with a big kick to the head for the win. After the match Lita, confronts Trish, they trade slaps, then punches. Lita gets the upperhand and locks in the sleeperhold with the bodyScissors then Gene Snitsky, runs down and pulled Lita off Trish, and turns around to see Snitsky, and then walks into a Trish Chick Kick. With Lita out cold Snitsky grabs a chair he puts the chair over Lita neck. Then Kane comes down to the ring. The two fight until Kane, gets the better over Snitsky and he jumps over the barrier and out of the arena. Part Two: Highlight From Smackdown! John Cena-Kenzo Suzuki Rap Battle Showing Cena and Suzuki rap battle and the short brawl the two had. And will face each other, next week on Smackdown! Part Three: Highlight From Smackdown! Triple C Petition Showing Carlito Caribbean Cool passing around a petition to have teddy Long removed. Show him ask

WWE Experience - Season 2 Episode 2 Épisode 2 streaming VF