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WWE Experience - Season 2 Episode 16 Épisode 16 streaming

Part One Highlight From Raw! Christian Vs Chris Benoit Christian wins the match when, Benoit walks straight into the Unprettier for the pinfall. Part Two WWE In Australia We are shown the WWE, in its recent tour to Australia. Bastista informs us that the Australian fans are very respectful, we are shown clips of various WWE Superstars and Shelton Benjamin stating the experience down under was fun for everyone. Part Three Highlights From Smackdown! Debuts We are shown the debuts of Carlito's Cabana and his first guest is Rey Mysterious, who is still mad with Eddie, over costing a title shot. He say's he will win the WWE Championship one day. We also see the debut of the tag team of Joey Matthews and Johnny Nitro, who challenge Eddie and Rey for the tag team title's. Part Four WWE Video Game Tournament We are shown the THQ WWE Superstars video game challenge and for the last two years Shelton Benjamin has won. This year John Cena and Shelton Benjamin make the final. And yo

WWE Experience - Season 2 Episode 16 Épisode 16 streaming VF