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WWE Experience - Season 2 Episode 1 Épisode 1 streaming

Part One Highlight From Smackdown! U.S Title Match John Cena Vs Rene Dupree. John Cena retains the U.S title when, he dropped the F.U on Rene Dupree for the win. Part Two Highlight From Raw Muhammad Hassan Muhammad Hassan, cuts a promo saying that american's shows no respect to arabs. He claimed's that nearly half of all Americans think Arabs Americans should have their civil liberties limited, not because we did anything wrong, but simply because of our arab descent. Khosrow Daivari pooped up at the announcers booth and Daivari verbally attacked JR, and The King. Jerry Lawler threaten to hit Daivari, but Hassan ran to the booth. They shoved The King, onto the table, then pushed JR to the floor. Part Three Highlight From Smackdown! Heindenreich Showing Heindenreich, in the ring cutting a promo, then being interrupted by the Undertaker over the loud speaker. Taker says Heindenreich's final resting place will be Royal Rumble. Some Druids wheeled a casket to the ring. Heind

WWE Experience - Season 2 Episode 1 Épisode 1 streaming VF