Antidisturbios - Season 1 Episode 6 Avsnitt 6 streaming

Laia manages to get Álex to turn her over to her uncle, who collaborates with them by wiretapping a meal with all the senior officials investigated. The operation could not go better and Laia begins the procedures to deliver their heads. Two hooded men steal all the information on the case and beat him up. The six riot police meet for a dinner that ends in a drunken drunkenness that lets out everything that has been kept quiet in these tense months. Diego leaves the restaurant forever: his companions are no longer his family. Laia knows that Revilla was responsible for the robbery. They make a deal: he returns the case to her in exchange for her giving him some information from Internal Affairs. The riot police are free, although they will never know that it was thanks to Laia having sold her soul to the devil, and they go on with their lives: Diego has left the police and is now a security guard, his former colleagues are heading towards a new mission.

Antidisturbios - Season 1 Episode 6 Avsnitt 6 streaming VF