Antidisturbios - Season 1 Episode 4 Avsnitt 4 streaming

Revilla's maneuvers bear fruit and the riot police are no longer in the spotlight. Diego and Laia find a pattern of urban corruption and Laia pulls the thread until she finds the businessman at the forefront of the plot. When he learns that the immigrant's criminal report is false, he realizes that he has made a mistake in wanting to save the riot police. Laia faces new interrogations ready to destroy them, but Álex's uncle alerts the riot police and they agree on a coherent response. When the Internal Affairs team has already given up the interrogations, Laia detects the weakest and gets him to confess. That same night her direct boss takes her out of the house at dawn to teach her something. A safe house where a secret police commission investigates the urban plot that affects high-ranking police officers. A case that she has nearly ruined by disobeying his orders and making inquiries on her own.

Antidisturbios - Season 1 Episode 4 Avsnitt 4 streaming VF