Bugs - Season 4 Episode 8 Avsnitt 8 streaming

Some Twin bright sparks decide that the world does not take them seriously enough, and plan to pay back the company that sacked them, years before. Beckett gets caught up in the process and is Beckett-napped (haha), whilst Ros is having a hard time facing up to the fact that ex-boyfriend Channing sold her designs to a new firm. So, she decides to buy them back, with the help of an old friend, who works at a bank. Alex and Adam go to investigate more about the ‘twin geeks'. However, they are trapped in a room, and the temperature is gradually decreasing, so Ed comes to the rescue. Ros goes to find Beckett, who has a little device attached to his wrist that will make a bomb explode just above him, if he walks to far away from it. This bomb is attached to the ceiling by an electromagnet, and Ros releases this and Beckett catches the bomb and has to run around with this. Ed saves Alex and Adam just in time, but gets jealous when she is more concerned about Adam, than thanking him. Beckett

Bugs - Season 4 Episode 8 Avsnitt 8 streaming VF