Snacked - Season 5 Episode 2 Avsnitt 2 streaming

Caleb Pressley and Glenny Balls are the dynamic duo behind two popular shows - the hit celebrity interview YouTube series, 'Sundae Conversation', and 'Only Stans', a podcast where Glenny Balls takes a deep dive into the world of genuine fandom. But when they’re not grilling celebrities with hard hitting and painfully awkward questions, they're exploring their favorite unexpected snacks. From the nostalgia-laden taste of Buncha Crunch that transports Glenny Balls back to his childhood and fear of movie trailers, to Caleb’s unconventional preference for breast milk over all other milk types, Caleb Pressley & Glenny Balls breakdown the dos and dont’s for snacking during uncomfortable conversations.

Snacked - Season 5 Episode 2 Avsnitt 2 streaming VF