Timecop - Season 1 Episode 4 Avsnitt 4 streaming

Logan goes to 1928 after Ian Pascoe abducts Hemmings to ensure he'll get his time-jumping watch back. Logan follows as he encounters danger since Pascoe has been in 1928 before and is a friend of Al Capone and Eliot Ness. While Hemmings and Logan are in 1928, the people in 2007 discover that Pascoe has made himself a part of several periods of time. They also figure out Pascoe's hint while he was in custody: A delivered note that Pascoe says in giberish and could have ""Been written by a 13 year old"", which is what Pascoe was in 2007. Finding the 13 year old Pascoe could save the future and history. Logan recues Hemmings, but Pascoe gets away with his watch.

Timecop - Season 1 Episode 4 Avsnitt 4 streaming VF