Timecop - Season 1 Episode 2 Avsnitt 2 streaming

Logan goes back in time to 1977 in New York to discover where a jewel theif hid the jewels. The detective who put the jewel thief away goes into his own past when he was 30 years younger. His younger self has not yet faced the jewel heist. Upon arriving, the detective turns on Logan and handcuffs him to a pole. Logan manages to escape and teams up with the younger detective to stop his future self from changing history. In a showdown at the location at the heist, the young and future detective come face to face. The future detective is shot and killed and disappears because he is not part of the 1977 world. The young detective arrests the jewel thief and learns from his future self and tries not to make the same mistakes.

Timecop - Season 1 Episode 2 Avsnitt 2 streaming VF