Wicked City

Wicked City - Season 1 Episode 7 Епизода 7 streaming

Diver and Karen contemplate running a story about Jack's affair with Dianne, whom they think is a drug dealer, unaware that she is actually an undercover cop. Jack is doubtful that the case is over, thinking the corpse isn't Kent's. When Kent goes to snoop at LA Notorious, he finds the photos of Jack and Dianne kissing. Thinking the Hollywood Slayer search is over, Paco requests to lead his own case. Later, he and Jack are told that the charred body doesn't belong to Kent; Jack then finds the photos of him and Dianne on his car windshield. Karen confronts Dianne about the affair, unaware that the killer is still at large. Meanwhile, Kent and Betty plan an alibi for her for the night Jimmy disappeared; Kent plants Fly Brand cocaine in Jimmy's car, while Betty plants an auto shop bill in his house. Dressed in costume, Kent approaches Dianne at her club and buys Fly Brand off of her. Betty makes a tearful statement to the cops about having an affair with Jimmy in order to protect herself. Elsewhere, Kent breaks into Jack's house and leaves a copy of the photos on his daughter's bed. Jack, angry about the killer having power over him, starts a fight with Paco, but eventually tells him what's going on. When Jack arrives home, he comes clean to Allison, who storms out of the house. Paco informs Karen and Diver that the killer took photos from their office and now Dianne is in danger; he then goes to Dianne's apartment to warn her, and the two leave without noticing Kent hiding. Jack returns to the Whisky on the advice of Dianne, and is approached by Kent in a disguise.

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