Wicked City

Wicked City - Season 1 Episode 5 Епизода 5 streaming

Jack and Paco ask LA Notorious to run another story about the killer, with the shot of Kent as a child on the front cover. This leads to one of Kent's schoolmates contacting the police, who names him as Cooper Flynn. After the story is published, Kent visits Karen at her home, waking her in the night. He asks her to be his voice, not the police's. In return, Karen asks for a personal interview with Kent. Elsewhere, Diver is trying to locate Bucket, unaware he is dead and that Dianne has taken his place as manager of the drug ring. He later spots Jack and Dianne kissing, and takes photos of the two. The detectives decipher that the killer must work in the motor industry, due to his access to vintage cars. They also theorize that these cars are where the murders take place. This discovery leads the police to Kent's auto shop, where Jack finds blood in the water pipes. Kent later arrives at the shop, but drives away before any police officers can see his face. Meanwhile, Betty's old flame, Jimmy Lovett, suspects Kent of being a drug dealer. He trades his silence on the matter for sexual favors from Betty, who reluctantly agrees. During their meeting one night, Betty stabs Jimmy to death with a knife gifted to her by Kent. Later, Kent babysits his neighbor's daughter, Mary, who becomes suspicious of Kent after watching a TV report on the killer.

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