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Lee Ma Ri, a star actress, falls in love with Jung Woo Jin, but she realizes that he became interested in her after reading her popular travel essay, “Lovers in Asuka”. Because of this, the ghostwriter for “Lovers in Asuka”, Kim Chul Soo, gets called in by Ma Ri for private lessons about the details on the travel essay. However, Byung Joon, Chul Soo’s friend and journalist, discovers that Chul Soo is the real writer of “Lovers in Asuka”, and he suggests that Chul Soo should sell a story about Lee Ma Ri’s personal life. This makes Chul Soo troubled because he was in desperate need of money for his sick sister. As Chul Soo realizes that he is no longer needed by Ma Ri, he decides to follow Byung Joon’s suggestion. Woo Jin ends up proposing marriage to Ma Ri and prepares a documentary film based on “Lovers in Asuka”. Chul Soo and Eun Young join in the project as writers, and Chul Soo begins to meet Ma Ri again during the filming.

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