Liu Hulan

Liu Hulan (1950) streaming vf

In Wenshui County, Shanxi Province, a remote place called Yunzhou West Village, where the girl Liu Hulan was born. She was born in troubled times, the feudal dynasty was overthrown not long ago, but the warlords ruled in separate regimes, years of wars, and even more imperialist invaders are sharpening their knives, trying to annex the land of China with a long history. At that time, the reactionary warlord Yan Xishan ran rampant in the Jin area, and even the local tyrants and landlords did evil. All kinds of evil deeds planted the seeds of hatred in the girl's heart. Until the Red Army came here, it not only attacked the reactionaries, but also threw light into Liu Hulan's heart. Since then, she has understood the meaning of revolution. However, when the claws of the Japanese penetrated Wenshui County, the landlord Lu Shanqing was proud of the spring breeze, and the stubborn Liu Hulan also became a glorious Communist Party member during this period.

Liu Hulan (1950) streaming VF

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