El Cóndor en Nueva York

El Cóndor en Nueva York (2021) streaming vf

A drug lord in New York, named Damian, has created a new drug with shocking effects. After various accidental deaths, the DEA and police are led on a wild goose chase in the search for this mafia boss. Damian begins knocking off his competition with the help of his private scientist and an insider from the DEA. The son of Mayor Martinez (from Super Condor) becomes comatose after using the new drug. Mayor Martinez flies to NY from Peru to begin his own investigation in search of Damian, and a cure. Everything beings to look grim for the DEA agents, Mayor Martinez, and his son; until helps arrives. El Condor comes to New York from Peru to help reverse the effects of this brutal new drug and bring Damian to justice.

El Cóndor en Nueva York (2021) streaming VF

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