Shades of Love: Lilac Dream

Shades of Love: Lilac Dream (1987) streaming vf

Tamara (Susan Almgren), a young advertising executive, retreats to an island to nurse a broken heart. During the first night there is a violent storm. In the morning, Tamara finds a young man (Dack Rambo) lying wounded and unconscious on the beach. She takes him back to her cottage and when he wakes it is evident he has amnesia. As the days go by, she falls in love with him. They are happy in their love until Matt's inevitable departure leaves Tamara heartsick once again. He must find out who the woman is who claims to be his wife. Nevertheless, Tamara returns to work strong in the conviction that love, however brief, is worth the pain it costs. As it turns out Matt's wife Joanna was about to leave him. He left on the boat to think things over and went straight into the storm. Once back at home Joanna in her usual indecisive way wants him back. Matt knows what he must do and leaves Joanna for good. Matt's unexpected return to Tamara shows her that such happiness can last.

Shades of Love: Lilac Dream (1987) streaming VF

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