Plus beau que moi tu meurs

Plus beau que moi tu meurs (1982) streaming vf

Aldo and Marco are twins. Marco, a priest by trade, has always been an object of pride for his mother, while Aldo has already spent six periods in prison. Always on the lookout for money and pretty girls, he lets himself be hijacked by crazy, often dishonest operations, which fail most of the time. One day, he is forced to flee to Tunisia, dressed as a priest and posing as Marco. There he meets up with Prosper, a childhood friend, whom he lures into his race for millions and beautiful summer girls. Marco, delegated by the Paris police, arrives in Tunisia to limit the damage, but only makes it worse. Once again, Aldo has to disappear into the wilderness for a while and make himself forgotten...

Plus beau que moi tu meurs (1982) streaming VF

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