Pentamagica (2002) streaming vf

Christiane Raetsch (Mira Gittner) and Sandra Wolf (Marina Anna Eich) write a book about the “world of magic”. At an esoteric summer workshop, they meet three other women and decide to work together on the project, with each woman delving into a special area: shamanism, witchcraft, ritual magic, sexual magic, geomancy. They all try to influence reality through magical rituals and to handle their lives with esoteric practices. Christiane, the shaman, tries to find answers with psycho active drugs in the mist of other dimensions. Sandra, the witch, is searching for the man of her life, but the tarot cards always say “no” to the men she meets. A crazy comedy which spares no aspect of the “magical sciences”. A mean side blow to all hobby esoterics, who go to a workshop on the weekend and explain the world on the next day. But Magic always goes its own ways.

Pentamagica (2002) streaming VF

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