¿Quién es quién?

¿Quién es quién? (2024) streaming vf

The Fuentes are not the best family in the world. But what family is it? Work, school and routine have plunged them into a spiral of disconnection that seems impossible to stop. However, everything changes when the youngest of the group, Valentina, makes a wish for her ninth birthday. The next day, all the members of the family wake up with their bodies swapped: The father is in his wife's body, the girl is trapped in the grandmother's body, the teenage twins are not themselves... Chaos takes over. the family and, desperate, they ask themselves: Who is who? While the family faces crazy situations and hilarious circumstances, the Fuentes must learn to get under each other's skin and trust each other to turn the situation around. Will they be able to return to their original bodies and get their lives back?

¿Quién es quién? (2024) streaming VF

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