Choufli Hal, New Year's Movie

Choufli Hal, New Year's Movie (2009) streaming vf

Following the arrival of the New Year, Slimane's wife, Zeineb, suggests spending New Year's Eve in a hotel. Meanwhile, his mother Douja, desperate to have her date canceled, makes a plan with Slimane's mother, Fadhila, to leave with them. The couple then meets for this evening with their mothers, as well as Sboui, his wife Azza and his children. Sboui, Slimane's brother, continues to do stupid things at the hotel which makes the stay unpleasant for the couple. Remaining in Tunis, Fouchika finds himself alone with Béji. He had planned this evening with his friend Sboui but finds himself with his former boss because he is having marital problems. However, Béji receives a phone call from his wife and reconciles with her. Shortly after, Béji leaves to join his wife at her in-laws, leaving Fouchika alone.

Choufli Hal, New Year's Movie (2009) streaming VF

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