Friend's Son Eradicating Aunt

Friend's Son Eradicating Aunt (2021) streaming vf

Seong-ho is a bodyguard and boards at his mother's friend Ji-hyeon's house per his mother’s request. Ji-hyeon looks at Seong-ho's mature body and is aiming for it. Ji-hyeon takes medicine from her lover Joon-seo, feeds it to Seong-ho, and scares him. Ji-hyeon's daughter Eun-ae records their obscene moans when she witnessed the scene, threatening Seong-ho and frightening him again. Seong-ho's lover Yeong-seo is begging to live with him in his house. At the request of Yeong-seo, Seong-ho tells Ji-hyeon that he will leave the house now, but shows a video of Seong-ho and Eun-ae's sexual relationship and threatens her. Desperately, Seong-ho thinks that the only way out of this house is not to act as a man, and by constantly establishing a relationship with Ji-hyeon and Eun-ae, her tires himself. Increasingly, the mother and daughter are fed up with Seong-ho, who can't act as a man, and eventually let him out.

Friend's Son Eradicating Aunt (2021) streaming VF

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