Birdz - Season 1 Episode 11 11. epizód streaming

When Eddie misses close up footage of Arnold Schwarzenegret because he doesn't have a zoom lens, Eddie informs his parents that he must buy the new Koduck 750 telephoto zoom - it's vital to his career! Eddie's parents admire his creative spirit and offer to pay for half of the lens, but Eddie must come up with the rest of the money! Eddie embarks on a series of get rich quick schemes to earn easy money and hatches a deal with his friends to do all the work for him! Naturally, Eddie's plan backfires and he resorts to Plan B - collecting endangered fish that his sister is trying to protect and selling them to a mystery buyer. However, when Eddie discovers that the mystery buyer is Scoop Pelican, the owner of a seafood restaurant, his conscience kicks in. Going against his character, Eddie walks away from the money - and the Koduck 750, and returns the fish to the pond. Eddie's parents are so impressed with his decision that they offer him a house chore in exchange for the lens, and Eddie

Birdz - Season 1 Episode 11 11. epizód streaming VF