Murder in Mind

Murder in Mind - Season 3 Episode 7 Épisode 7 streaming

Tom is in a state of despair. He still loves wife Helen and daughter Holly, but he's responsible for his marriage breaking down. Tom spent too much time trying to salvage his business and paid little attention to his home life. Tom desperately wants Helen back, but a reconciliation is looking highly unlikely when Helen becomes involved with Alex a police officer. One day when Tom picks Holly up from school there's an altercation between him and a local teen thug named Darren. Tom takes offence when Darren jumps the ice cream queue; and using physical force, he ejects the abusive teenager from the line. Everything gets out of hand when Darren and his gang set upon Tom and Holly, hurling stones and bricks at his car. Later, a concerned Helen suggests to Tom that Alex might be of some help; but Tom's pride won't let him take an offer of help from Helen's new boyfriend. Later Tom is beaten up by a couple of unknown thugs, Tom suspects Darren's father is the culprit. Worse still, Tom discov

Murder in Mind - Season 3 Episode 7 Épisode 7 streaming VF