Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales - Season 1 Episode 5 Épisode 5 streaming

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  • Canterbury Tales
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The story opens by a cathedral, a priest is miming to the song 'It's a Wonderful World'. A mysterious young girl on a bike watches three men Arty, Baz and Colin perform a pickpocket scam. Then she returns to the home of a couple who are upset that their daughter is dead, however they don't notice her. Another young girl, Amy has gone missing in Rochester, it seems as if she has been abducted in the same way as the dead girl. Arty says that he would like to find Amy and get his revenge on the abductor. The mysterious girl meets Arty and says she knows that Amy is dead and who did it and that she will lead Arty to the murderer and takes him to a house. In the house Arty and his friends realise that they know nothing about each other's past lives. Arty has flashbacks to when he was a young boy at the cathedral school and rejected by his father an RE teacher. In the house Arty finds some gold bars and while he's gone to have them valued Colin and Bazz discover that they know more abo

Canterbury Tales - Season 1 Episode 5 Épisode 5 streaming VF