Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales - Season 1 Episode 4 Épisode 4 streaming

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  • Canterbury Tales
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Jetender and Meena are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. A man called Dillip knocks on the door and gives Meena a letter. This is a final demand for £11,000 of jewellery, which Meena has bought on credit. Meena is told that she will have to pay the bill by the end of the week. She knows that she can't ask her husband for the money, so she begins an affair with his business partner Pushpinder and persuades him to get the money for her, telling him that her husband is a tyrant. He pretends to Jetender that he needs the money for home improvements. However, Pushpinder falls in love with Meena and wants more than just a physical relationship. One night when drunk, because Meena continually refuses to give him children, Jetender tells Pushpinder that Meena has had affairs with many men who gave her money so she could indulge in her shopping habit. Pushpinder decides to get revenge, so what will happen to Meena?

Canterbury Tales - Season 1 Episode 4 Épisode 4 streaming VF